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Exclusive Racing Bike Zone

Top international brands under one roof.

Best Service Station

We are providing a never-ending delightful experience to our customers.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain cycles created specifically for off-road cycling for better durability, suspension, and versatility.

Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories

Best fitted, Ready to ride. Don’t get left behind. PUSH THE LIMITS!

Junior Specific Designed Cycles

Lightweight cycles with Increased stability, better handling and more comfortable to ride.

 Hybrid Bike

The perfect all-rounder bike. It is the ideal multi-purpose bike for anyone that wants to cycle in multiple disciplines, from forest trails to ride to school.

Cycle Destination

World Class Cycle Service Center in Pune


Get the widest range of cycles for all age groups from toddlers – balance bikes to grownups – Hybrid, Comfort, Track Racing, and Mountain Bikes.


We are providing the highest level of customer satisfaction for hassle-free and joyride.


 We ensure highest standards of quality and reliability of spare parts.

Bhagyalaxmi Cycles Welcomes You to

The Amazing Cycle Store

Revolutionized off-road Performance Bikes



Redefine the Ultimate Cycling Experience


Winning Races and Producing

Lighter, Stronger, Faster Bikes


We’re Nature-Friendly

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

BHAGYALAXMI CYCLES, the biggest Cycle Store in PCMC with a world-class Service Center. It’s a Cycle destination with a huge range of models worth Rs. 5k to 5 lacs. There are GIANT, FANTOM, FROG, STARKENN and many many more international Brands. Come and explore the Biggest Bike Hub of Pune, a place with 0% EMISSIONS and 100% EMOTIONS.

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